Cream of Rice Gluten Free Hot Cereal, Kosher, 14 OZ Box

Cream of Rice Gluten Free Hot Cereal is a ground rice instant hot cereal that is easy to prepare and has a smooth, creamy texture. A hot, delicious bowl of Cream of Rice provides 4 essential vitamins and minerals including iron. Because it is easy to digest, many physicians recommend rice cereal as the first solid food for babies. Infants love the smooth, creamy taste of Cream of Rice cereal. Cream of Rice instant cereal is a naturally fat-free, kosher and cholesterol-free food when prepared with water and without salt. To prepare this traditional stove top hot breakfast cereal add in milk or water, bring it to a boil and stir for 2.5 minutes. You can also cook Cream of Rice hot cereal in the microwave for a convenient, hot breakfast that is nutritious for the whole family. A closeable box protects this instant porridge and provides easy access for you to measure the desired number of servings.