Farinup Mix Pancake Jadore Les

GMO free. Just add milk. Ready in a minute. Makes 20 pancakes. Millers Since 1704: Meet Louis, globetrotting Frenchman and brand ambassador for Farin' Up. This 11th generation miller is a descendant of the oldest family-run wheat mill in Luxembourg. Moulins de Kleinbettingen. He is a playful, inquisitive renaissance man who is passionate about traveling the world in search of the most coveted and legendary family recipes. Louis embodies the spirit of our mill, our storied family of craftsmen, and the artisanal products we produce. Vive le Wheat! When I set off to explore the Land of the Maple Leak, I was instantly impressed by its expansive landscapes, spectacular wildlife, and friendly people. My favorite discovery, however, was the sweet nectar of Canada's liquid gold, maple syrup! I don't mean to get all sappy, but, je t'adore le syrup! And did you know that the Canadian province of Quebec produces 80% of the world's syrup? On behalf of pancakes worldwide, we are eternally grateful. www.farinup.us. Follow Louis around the world. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Product of Luxembourg.