Blue Top Creamy Honey Chipotle Hot Sauce 9 Oz

Gluten free. No Diary. No gluten. Vegetarian. It's over the top. Food love. Rich honey with chipotle-peppers, garlic and lemon. A hot sauce is one thing but a creamy hot sauce is over the top. A perfect creamy and spicy balance. Squeeze it on, don't drip it on. Especially righteous on tacos, pizza, burgers, chicken, pork, shrimp, fish, curries, soup, fries, veggies or salads. What's blue top? We are a group of food lovers, family and friends from dripping springs, Texas. We set out to create a brand of sauces to make lives happier. Blue top means creative fun and extraordinarily delicious recipes, like this one. No HFCS. No MSG. Happiness is peace, love & blue top. Squeeze it on thick. Low heat. Made in USA.