Ceresota Flour, All Purpose, Enriched, Presifted

Unbleached forever. Since 1891. 100% USA. 100% natural. Visit us at www.heckersceresota.com. A Message from the President: My family has milled Ceresota Unbleached Flour for over three generations. We start with a special blend of premium wheat that has more protein than any of the other leading brands. Then, we let it whiten naturally - no chemicals, no bleaching agents and no bromate. Unbleached forever is our motto. What does this mean to you, our customer? It means you're using a natural product that will produce consistently better results in all your baked goods. Since 1891, Ceresota has simply been the best. After all this time, we think we know about making a quality flour and hope you agree. May we continue to deserve your loyalty. Ceresota Flour Facts: Ceresota is perfect for bread machines because of its higher gluten (protein) content. Since bread machines vary, we suggest you use the recipes packed with your machine and use only ceresota flour; Ceresota is an all purpose flour that can be used in any recipe calling for all purpose flour; For all of your recipes calling for whole wheat, look for Ceresota stone ground whole wheat flour in our convenient 2-lb bag. Contains no bleaching agents or preservatives. Quality that's guaranteed. Since 1843, Heckers Unbleached Flour has been the highest quality flour available for all your baking needs. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the quality of our flour, please send your name, address, and reason for dissatisfaction with the entire bag bottom and price paid to: The Uhlmann Company, 1009 Central Street, Kansas City, MO 64105-1619. We will promptly send you a refund. Made in America. Wheat grown and milled in the USA.