The Single Origin Food Co. Fine Himalayan Pink Rock Salt 20 Oz

Vegan. Non GMO Project verified. This salt comes directly from a single mine. The world as it should be. We care about the quality of or families' foods. That's why we source and share the best organic and non-GMO foods on the planet. Ethically mined from a single place, single farm or single family, our products can be traced back to their exact origins. Formed by the primal sea more than 250 million years ago, this 100% uncontaminated, nutrient-dense salt fuels the body with more than 84 active minerals. Hand mined & crushed. No anti-caking agents. No added coloring. 100% raw. Perfect for everyday use. Replaces normal salt. No additives, chemicals & pesticides. Facebook: Twitter: Instragram: View all our single origin products at: Face the purchase of this tube feeds a hungry child. Packaged in BPA-free containers to maintain pure quality. Please recycle me! Product of Khewra salt mines (the Lower Himalayan Mountains). Hand packed in the USA, at Boss Logistics LLC, Louisville, KY USA. Packed in the USA.