Watkins Baking Vanilla Gourmet, Original, With Pure Vanilla Extract

With other natural flavors. All natural - handcrafted. No artificial flavors. No artificial colors. Ingredients all naturally derived. No corn syrup. Gluten free. Non GMO. Extra rich. Since 1868. Awarded gold medal for highest quality. Delivers extra rich gourmet flavor to all recipes that call for pure vanilla extract. Unlike high-alcohol vanilla extracts, this award-winning, low-alcohol bakeproof, freezeproof formula retains delicious flavor that doesn't evaporate when baking or freezing. Made with the world's finest Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans - naturally. In addition to baking, try it in milkshakes, pancakes, French toast, coffee, tea, cocktails, frostings, custards and more! Award-winning, low-alcohol formula retains flavor when baking. For recipes and more, go to Watkins1868.com. Please recycle. Made in USA.