Reynolds Kitchens® Turkey Size Oven Bags 2 Ct Box

For meats and poultry 8-24 lbs. 19 in x 23.5 in (482 mmm x 596 mm) Shopping List: 16-20 Ib turkey, fresh or thawed; Flour, (any type) or cornstarch, cornmeal or matzo meal; 1 large onion; 2 stalks celery; Dried or fresh herbs (thyme, sage, rosemary, basil); Paprika; Salt & Pepper. Made from heat resistant nylon. Unconditional Guarantee: Our unconditional guarantee offers complete satisfaction or your money refunded. To contact us: visit; call: 1-800-433-2244; write: PO Box 85583 Richmond, VA 23285-5583. Explore for more delicious recipes and cooking tips Try our Herb Roasted Turkey recipe inside! Certified 100% Recycled paperboard. BPA free (This product is made with Nylon. Nylon Nylon is not made with BPA). Product of China.