Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Stainless Steel Gadget Only Automatic Spray

Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Automatic Spray. New stainless steel look! With fragrance intensity control. Gadget only. Choose your favorite Air Wick Freshmatic fragrances. Refills sold separately. See reverse for details. F, only use Air Wick refills. Contains: 1 device. Important: only Air Wick refills are approved* for Air Wick Freshmatic for optimal performance only use Air Wick refills with Air Wick Freshmatic. Choose your favorite fragrances from Air Wick Freshmatic sold separately. Fresh Waters. Cool linen & White Lilac. Lavender & chamomile. Vanilla Indulgence. Apple Cinnamon Medley...and many more! Freshmatic now with a stainless steel look. Control the way your home smells with Air Wick Freshmatic. Newly designed Air Wick Freshmatic puts you in control ensuring your home always smells fresh & welcoming. Simply set the intensity control to match the needs of your home and Air Wick Freshmatic will automatically release bursts of fresh fragrance. Freshmatic now with a stainless steel look. Save $4 on purchase of refills coupons inside. Troubleshooting: for further assistance, please visit or call: 1(800) 542-1300. *Approved by Reckitt Benckiser. Questions 1(800) 542-1300. For ingredient information, RBI 2010.