Wowbutter Peanut Free Creamy Toasted Soybutter 17.6 Oz Jar

YOU DESERVE BETTER! This award-winning all-natural, safe-for-school WOWBUTTER has a smooth creamy texture & delicious nutty taste better than peanut butter, with even more nutrition. This perfect nutrition-packed healthy breakfast, lunch or snack solution is fast becoming the new food staple---it satisfies the taste and nutritional needs of everyone. Wholesome with apples & carrots, great with crackers, delicious in cookies and sweets. And nothing hits the spot like a tasty WB&J sandwich. The innovative ‘no stir’ WOWBUTTER® also nourishes the millions of kids that need healthy lunch solutions due to schools’ peanut safety policies. Every jar contains supportive School Lunch Identification Stickers making it easy for school officials to confirm it’s safe- for-school. Moms can feel good using WOWBUTTER® as a nutritious lunch while keeping kids safe, happy and nourished!