Hh Dog Trt Xo Triple Cheese

All natural. Every sale gives hope to homeless pets. For a happy & healthy dog. So you already know we're helping homeless pets. But you may be wondering - what's in it for my dog? As nutritious as they are delicious, our treats are developed by a Pet Nutritionist who has a PhD in Animal Nutrition. What's in them? Only the best of everything, sourced right here in the USA. Your dog won't stop licking his chops and you'll feel great about High Hopes' nutrition. Our treats are made with highly digestible animal protein sources like real whole eggs, hormones-free milk, dried whey protein concentrate, and yummy cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. And as part of a balanced diet, High Hopes' combination of proteins gives your dog the nutrition he needs to stay happy & healthy. A big treat for a big dog! The High Hopes for Pets Foundation: Together, we help homeless pets. At The High Hopes for Pets Foundation, we keep our promise to award grants to local shelter and rescue groups every quarter, of every year. Grants come right out of the High Hopes sales & profits - 3.5% of sales, up to 15% of profits. So when you buy High Hopes for your pet, you are helping supply food, vet care, spaying & neutering, training, and other things homeless pets need. Donate. Foster. Volunteer. Visit us at highhopesforpets.com. Try our new dog food too! Made in the USA by a small company that cares.