Kaytee Wild Bird Food Wild Finch Blend

Kaytee Wild Bird Food Wild Finch Blend™. Variety of seeds. Specially blended for goldfinches, pine siskins, purple finches, lesser finches, indigo buntings & more. Kaytee® Wild Finch Blend™ is formulated to attract all different types of finches to backyard feeders. Finches look for variety in their diet and Kaytee wild finch blend fills their need with a special blend of Nyjer® seed, sunflower chips, three types of millet, canary seed and more. Suggested feeders: Small to medium tube feeder. Cloth mesh feeder. Kaytee Finch Station™. Nyjer® is a registered trademarks of the wild bird feeding industry. Meets WBFI quality standards, wbfi.org. Visit us @ kaytee.com. Kaytee Avian Foundation. Education Conservation Research. Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein (min.) - 14.5%. Crude fat (min.) - 18.0%. Crude fiber (max.) - 14.0%. Moisture (max.) - 12.0%. Satisfaction guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the unused portion with cash register receipt to: Kaytee Guarantee, 521 Clay Street, Chilton, WI 53014. 1-800-KAYTEE - 920-849-2321. Central Garden & Pet. customerservice@kaytee.com. ©2011 Kaytee Products, Inc.