Fini White Wine Vinegar

The eventual presence of sediment is natural in a quality vinegar. Fini barrel aged white wine vinegar is an exquisite vinegar obtained from the slow fermentation of specially selected wines. Manufactured in Modena, Fini white wine vinegar is patiently aged in wooden barrels to achieve its perfectly balanced taste and aroma. Sweet and zesty, it's the perfect condiment for salads, vegetables and soups and the main ingredient in salad dressings, sauces and marinades. Fini special barrel aged selection white wine vinegar, an essential item in every kitchen pantry. Modena. Frame the QR code with your smartphone to visit Acetaia Fini! Facebook: To discover other unique and delicious recipes, please visit our website: or join us on our Facebook page, where you can send us your recipes and suggestions. Product of Italy.