From The Ground Up Everything Cauliflower Snacking Crackers 3.5 Oz Pouch

Real food from the ground Up. Keepin' it real. Explosion of flavor. Veggie packed goodness. Everything Cauliflower Snacking Crackers: This cracker is literally, everything! It's the topper & dipper your snack spread has been missing! Whether you top it, dip it, or eat it just remember to snack it! Hello Snack Lovers!: We like real and more of it! That's why we're keepin' it real with a plant-based twist on all your snack faves. Real veggies, like Cauliflower, to give you more of what you love - more flavor, more crunch, and more bites per serving! Talk about a real good snack - more please! If you're reading this must be time for another bag!