Harvest Snaps Wasabi Ranch Snapea Crisps

50% less fat. Good source of fiber. Less sodium compared to regular potato chips. Gluten free. 5 g plant protein per serving. We love peas. We're obsessed with peas. They're actually a lagume - a funny sounding French word pronounced, leg-yoom - referring to any plant with seed pods that split into two halves. Harvest Snaps fit, but we're split on what makes these one amazing snack. Is it the remarkable, zesty flavors or the nutrient-packed wholesomeness of Nature's perfect package? You decide. Either way, when you're handed a bag of delicious Harvest Snaps, simply say, yes, peas! Made from whole green peas 70%. Tasty baked Wasabi Ranch Harvest Snaps have less fat, more fiber, and less sodium (1 oz Serving Wasabi Ranch Harvest Snaps: Fat: 5 g, Fiber: 5 g, Sodium: 85 g; 1 oz Serving Regular Potato Chips: Fat: 10 g, Fiber: 1 g, Sodium: 170 g.). Like to be social? Get snap'n and join our snap pack to stay connected with the latest news and fun products from Harvest Snaps. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. HarvestSnaps.com.