Delacre Cookies Chocolate Variety Box

It all started in the 1880s in the heart of Brussels. Charles Delacre created his first-ever delicacies. Ever since, all of his expertise, innovative spirit and passion for quality are a part of every single irresistible Delacre creation. Tentation Chocolat is an assortment of gourmet cookies enhanced by authentic Belgian chocolate that will delight all chocolate lovers. Brazil: A leaf-shaped shortbread cookie coated with Belgian dark chocolate. Metropolitan: Belgian milk chocolate layered over a crisp golden cookie. Nordica: A crispy wafer with Belgian white chocolate coating. Cigarettes Russes Cacao: A delicious, crisp cocoa-flavored cookie, the perfect accompaniment to coffee and desserts. Biarritz: A thin cookie covered with intense Belgian dark chocolate and a sprinkling of sweet coconut shavings. Dome Truffe: A chocolate-covered crunchy cookie with center of intense Belgian dark chocolate. Matadi: A delightfully crispy wafer covered with intense Belgian dark chocolate.