Pinahs Chips, Rye, Garlic

Cracker size. Made from fresh bakery bread. No preservatives. A tasty crunch: Perfectly seasoned! Satisfying crunchy! we use only the finest ingredients and no preservatives to bring you our wholesome recipe at the height of flavor. Treat yourself to delicious, crunchy satisfaction right out of the box. Or, use them as a base for your favorite hors d'oeuvres. These cracker size chips are perfect for dipping, or topping with your favorite cheese. Enjoy this crunchy taste today. This unique snack, full of hearty flavor, is made from the dark, aromatic Vienna rye bread perfected by the Pinahs Family. Our family bakery has always had a reputation for excellent quality and wholesome goodness. In 1955, we created our Rye Chip, giving you all the satisfying flavor of homemade bread in each tasty chip. That's why they've become favorites for all kinds of snacking occasions.