Simple Mills® Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Almond Flour Crackers 4.25 Oz. Box

Only made with nutrient-rich real foods. New. Naturally gluten-free. 3 g protein per serving. Non GMO Project verified. Certified gluten-free. Inside you'll find hand-selected, whole food ingredients you'll fall in love with! At Simple Mills, we believe that when you eat better, you not only feel better, but you also have more energy to pursue a passion-filled life. That's why we are devoted to providing foods that are made with nutrient-rich, whole food ingredients and that taste absolutely amazing. Enjoy! Ingredients you'll fall in love with! To us, it's not just about what's in your crackers, but why it's in there. These ingredients are more than just tasty! Almonds: Not only are they incredibly delicious, almonds are also a good source of protein (to help keep you full), magnesium (for bone health) and vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant). That's a perfecta trifecta in our book! Sunflower Seeds: In addition to being from our favorite (bright, beautiful, and cheery!) flower, these seeds are also an excellent source of vitamin E, which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Flaxseed: Our golden flaxseed has lots of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, which research suggests help to reduce inflammation and may even lower your risk of heart disease. Lots of love here! Cassava: Cassava is a root vegetable native to South America and it's one of the most drought-tolerant crops in the world! Not to be outdone by the other ingredients on our list, Cassava provides calcium and vitamin C. Sundried Tomato: Dried naturally under the warmth of the golden sun, our tomatoes are bursting with deliciousness as well as lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that may help protect cells from damage. That is what we call packing a nutritional punch! Say hello! Visit Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. You are what you eat. At Simple Mills, that means you can be sweet or salty, but you are always good! Vegan. Paleo-friendly. Grain free. Soy free. Be friendly to the planet, please recycle! Made in the USA.