Made In Nature Smyrna Figs Soft & Sultry Supersnacks Organic Dried Fruit

USDA organic. Organic dried fruit. No sugar added. Non GMO Project verified. Soft & sultry supersnacks. Smyrna Figs Snacking Seduction: Close your eyes. Take a bite. And let the velvety taste and texture of these organic smyrna figs take you to a place you never expected. A place of pure, snack-driven desire. Of fruitful passion. Of wildly permissible indulgence. These rich, flavorful figs have hints of honey, jam and butterscotch with a subtle nuttiness from the seeds. And their looks: exquisite. They range from light tan to deep brown, and their naturally occurring sugars often emerge during the sun-drying process to form beautiful white crystals on the soft skin. There's really nothing quite like them. So congrats, nature. You really nailed it on this one. No sugar added. Unsulfured. Excellent source of fiber. Figgin' awesome. Nature unleashed. The same old, same old has never been our style. At Made In Nature, that means kicking refined sugar to the curb and going all-out organic in everything we do. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Explore adventurous recipes and products where culinary creativity rules: 100% customer satisfaction call 1 (800) 906-7426. BPA Free packaging. Product of Turkey.