Darrell Lea Original Mango Licorice

Mango flavored with other natural flavors. Vegetarian Society approved. Non GMO. Plant based. What really happened on that dark & stormy night back in 1957 when Darrell Leo invented the world's first sob eating licorice recipe? Was it a moment of genius or a happy accident? One thing is certain; once you experience Darrell Lea's unique, soft eating texture, you'll understand why it's the number I selling licorice in Australia. No: palm oil; high fructose corn syrup. Should it not meet your expectations, please return it to your place of purchase. www.darrelllea.com. Facebook.com/dleausa. Instragram: (at)darrellleaUS. Facebook. Instagram. Get all the good news at: www.darrelllea.com. Made in Australia.