Wiley Wallaby Liquorice, Allsorts

Assorted gourmet candies. Naturally & artificially flavored. Incredibly soft & chewy. Why did the Wallaby cross the road? To bring you the most incredible soft & chewy Gourmet Liquorice allsorts that's why. Thick, delicious, colorful pieces of chewy gourmet Liquorice candies skillfully made the traditional way. Each piece of Wiley Wallaby Liquorice allsorts is soft, chewy, bursting with color and full of sweet flavor. Simply put, it's the ultimate gourmet Liquorice experience! With a variety of wonderful flavors to choose from, Wiley Wallaby Gourmet Liquorice has a taste everyone will enjoy! Hop to it! Give Wiley Wallaby Gourmet Liquorice a try! www.kennyscandy.com. www.wileywallaby.com. Produced with genetic engineering. Product of Spain.