O-Ke-Doke Popcorn, Hot Buffalo Wing Flavored

New! When it's more than ok it's O-Ke-Doke. Whenever somebody pops the question, what's the worlds most fun snack?, up pops the answer: popcorn. It's the great snack with the explosive personality. It's crisp and tasty. Goes pop! when you heat it and crunch! when you eat it. And that's ok! But now theres something even better: a very special popcorn called O-Ke-Doke. When O-Ke-Doke Pop!-ed on to the scene, people had some real corny reactions, like wow! and hey! and please, mom, can I have some more? Pleeeese? So, for all our fans we keep coming up with great new flavors. Like Hot Buffalo Wing - exploding with the true, red-hot taste of real, five-alarm buffalo wings! We pop! it up fresh, especially for you. The we pop! it into a bag, and quickly pop! right down to the store with it. So you can pop! on in and get some and pop! it in your mouth. Go ahead! You'll see. When it's more than ok, it's O-Ke-Doke! (Corny, but true!)