Curts Special Recipe Salsa, Medium It's What's Behind the Label that Really Stands Out: You just made a ridiculously tasty decision. Because in your hand is a jar of famously delicious Curt's Special Recipe Salsa. For nearly 20 years we've been making salsa - and now barbecue sauce and bloody mary mix - the way it's meant to be made: in small batches, using the best ingredients we can find and, of course, Curt's original signature blend of herbs and spices. But what truly separates Curt's from all those other products on the shelf are things you won't find on the label: heart, soul and a lot of love. These aren't ordinary ingredients, because, well, there's nothing ordinary about Curt's. So no matter which special recipe you're taking home today, we hope you and your family enjoy it as much as our family enjoys making it.