Jardines Hatch Chili Salsa

Gluten free. Small batch, big flavor. Small-batch made. Batch number 040. The Spirit of Buda TX: Here at Jardines, much of our South-of-Austin Soul comes straight from the Spirit of Buda, a wise old chuck wagon cook with a trail rider's heart and a chef's palate. Because of him, we've been creating funky-fresh flavors rooted in the heritage of South Texas for years. The beating heart of Southwest cuisine, green chile peppers are most well-known for their full-bodied flavor, robust meatiness, and pair-with-anything versatility. The best in the world come from Hatch, New Mexico, where the green chile pepper is practically the state flower. In Texas, we blend them with additional peppers, onions and spices for a salsa as spicy as it is fresh. www.jardinefoods.com. Soulful salsa from South of Austin. Product of U.S.A.