Crispy Green Crispy Fruit Cantaloupe 6 Ct

100% freeze-dried cantaloupe. 100% pure fruit nothing else! All natural. No sugar added. Gluten free. Non GMO Project verified. To Our Friends: Providing nutritious and delicious snacks to consumers of all ages is what Crispy Green is all about. Each bag of Crispy Fruit contains a single ingredient, fruit! The experience, taste and quality of every bite is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee that includes our no-questions-asked, hassle-free return policy. Simply put, our Crispy Fruit is the perfect way to satisfy your snack cravings while adding more fruit to your diet - all without additives or preservatives. Our sophisticated freeze-drying process removes the water from fresh cantaloupe, leaving behind the fruit's true essence in a light and crispy texture. Crispy Fruit is the perfect snack-time treat right out of the bag so you can enjoy healthy, real cantaloupe anytime! - Yours in good health, Angela - Founder & CEO. Also try our other Crispy Fruit varieties! Fruits & veggies - More matters. Peanut/tree nut free. Dairy free. Vegan. Product of China.