Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 Yr

Estd. 1892. Extra matured in rum casks. Aged 14 years. Further maturation in Caribbean Rum casks enhances The Balvenie's vanilla notes - whilst adding spicy aromatic qualities to the whisky. The Balvenie Distillery has been owned by the same independent family company for five generations. Nowhere else will you find a distillery that still grows its own barley, that still malts in its own traditional floor maltings, that still has coopers to tend the casks and a coppersmith to tend the stills. From this Distillery comes The Balvenie Caribbean Cask characterised by toffee, vanilla and a hint of fruit. Handcrafted to be enjoyed responsibly. Nose: Rich, sweet and creamy toffee with fresh fruit notes. Taste: Rounded with vanilla, sweet oak and fruitiness. Finish: Warm, soft and lingering. - David Stewart. This single malt spent many years maturing in traditional whisky oak casks being transferred to casks that had previously held Caribbean rum for a final period of maturation.