Clyde Mays Straight Bourbon 92 Proof

Since 1946. Carefully crafted - Conecuh Ridge, Alabama. Filtration: Non chill filtered. Recipe: No. 2. Honoring the historic distillation process made famous by Clyde May - the Clyde 240. Master Distiller: Clyde May. Say whatcha be & be whatcha say. Clyde May was a moonshiner by trade but a craftsman by heart. He made his famous whiskey in hand-built copper stills, with fresh Alabama spring water and the finest local ingredients. The man was locked up for his passion - eight months in the federal penitentiary - yet he started up those copper stills the day he got out. This straight bourbon honors Clyde's dedication to the craft. We use simple ingredients and a patient aging process to produce a fine, easy-drinking spirit. Like Clyde's own moonshine, it's a whiskey with integrity. Straightforward, porch-sitting, rocking chair bourbon - and this time, it's perfectly legal. Volume: 46% alc./vol. (92 proof). Distilled in Kentucky. Bottled by Conecuh Ridge Distillery Auburndale, FL. Product of USA.