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    Order Sendik’s Gift Cards quickly and easily in just a few steps: First, choose the denomination you would like to purchase from the Card Amount drop down menu. Next, enter the To and From information by clicking the Add Notes option. Next, click Add to add the card to your shopping cart. Finally, click on the shopping cart icon and checkout to complete your order. Be sure to provide the mailing address for the person you would like the card mailed to during the checkout process. That’s it! Your gift card(s) will be placed in one of our Sendik’s Gift Card Holders and sent out to the lucky recipient right away! Please note that if you want to ship cards to more than 1 address, you will need to do so in separate orders, 1 per mailing address. Feel free to [contact us](https://www.sendiks.com/about/contact-us/) if you have any questions about purchasing gift cards. By purchasing a Sendik’s gift card, you agree to the [Terms and Conditions](https://www.sendiks.com/shop/gift-cards/gift-card-terms/).