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    White tea infused with juicy peach, tangerine and aromatic blossoms. USDA organic. Certified kosher. Certified Organic by QAI. Rishi white teas are made from authentic medium-leaf tea bush varietals which produce silvery-white sprouts and leaves. They are delicately hand harvested only once year, for a few weeks in early spring when the weather is consistently cool and dry. White tea is the least processed of all tea types, resulting in a milder flavor without bitterness and a sweeter finish that green tea. Compared to other teas, White teas are very low in caffeine and contain high concentrations of antioxidant polyphenols (tea catechins). White tea originated in a small area north of the Min River in the province of Fujian. It is in this region, 1000 meters above sea level where Rishi White teas are cultivated organically at select smallholder gardens using authentic white tea bush varietals and the classic white tea leaf-withering process. Each year, Rishi travels to this remote heritage region t work directly with the artisans and select the highest quality tea if the season.