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    Seattle's Best Coffee Decaf Level Three Seattle's Best Blend Decaf Ground Coffee. Decaffeinated Ground Coffee. Balanced, smooth, full-flavored. Character profile: Two parts great flavor, one part relaxation. 3. Our coffee level system. Ever noticed how many different names there are for coffee Well, we've been at this a long time, and one day we realized we should talk to our loyal coffee drinkers using the same lingo our roasters have always used -by describing the coffee in levels. Level 1 being our lightest and mildest and level 5 being our boldest and darkest, with unique blends at every level in between. So, while we work hard to find, roast and blend quality beans from around the world to create delicious, premium coffees, we also want to make it easy for you to pick your favorites. Whatever level you choose, enjoy. Learn more and share more at www.seattlesbest.com. Roasting since 1970. 2010 Seattle's Best Coffee, LLC. All rights reserved.