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    Herbal Supplement. Get Lean: 14 round tea bags [0.69 oz (19.6 g)]. Get Burning: 14 round tea bags [0.64 oz (18.2 g)]. Get Lost: 14 round tea bags [0.64 o (18.2 g). Get Lean: A stimulating base of premium green tea and organic green mate will energize your body and keep your mind alert. Dandelion root and chickweed help to reduce excess water weight. Get Burning: This spicy herbal blend will rev up your internal engine, increasing your metabolism and resistance to stress. Cordyceps, a Chinese medicinal herb boosts energy and endurance. Get Lost: Organic red rooibos with Banaba leaves and cinnamon help control cravings while carob and Gymnema leaves help tame your sweet tooth. Sip before or after a meal. Energy and focus. This tea blend has natural caffeine to power you toward your weight loss goals. Herbs are added to keep the body balanced and to help fight that bloated feeling. Sip before or after a meal. The sweet combination of bright orange and rich vanilla will keep you satisfied without the sugar. Burn, baby burn. This caffeine-free tea provides stimulation without taxing the body. Seabuckthorn, a Superfruit, adds a tangy sweetness to the chili pepper's zingy spicy notes. Sip to wake you up or sip before a workout. Lose your cravings. This warm and toasty caffeine-free herbal blend has the sweet, satisfying warmth of cinnamon and carob. This blend also contains Gymnema leaves, which are known as the destroyer of sugar in Ayurvedic medicine. Certified gluten free. Don't let your weight weigh you down. Losing weight is all about moderation, curbing your cravings and being well. Thats why if youre thinking thin, these specially blended teas are for you. These portable tins contain a 2-week supply of tea. Start your day with a cup of get lean to wake you up with energy and focus while helping to reduce excess water weight. Sip get burning to rev your internal engine, assisting with metabolism and resistance to stress. End your day with a caffeine-free cup of get lost to help control cravings and tame your sweet tooth. See booklet on top of tin for supplement facts. Rainforest Alliance Certified rooibos. www.republicoftea.com/bewellteas.com. Only sustainable ingredients are used. Save this recyclable, airtight container to store refills and many other items. (These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)