Maxwell House International Latte Vanilla Bean

Naturally & artificially flavored. 120 calories per 2 tbsp. 52 mg caffeine per serving. Cafe-style beverage mix. Simply spoon, stir & enjoy. Makes about 9 servings. Make Maxwell House International Vanilla Bean Latte Cafe Style Beverage Mix your go-to beverage of choice when you need a relaxing moment to unwind. As delightful to smell as it is to taste, this aromatic cafe-style beverage mix creates a sinfully satisfying hot beverage in seconds. Made with latte mix that blends quickly with hot water, this coffeehouse-inspired beverage mix also contains sugar and nondairy creamer to create a silky-smooth, comforting drink that needs no additional sweetener. It can even serve as a flavorful addition to your black coffee when used as a vanilla coffee creamer. For a decadent cup of barista-style vanilla coffee mix at home, measure two tablespoons of the beverage mix into a mug and slowly stir in 12 fluid ounces of boiling water or hot milk. Store the resealable 8.5 ounce canister of coffee mix in a cool, dry place to retain the vanilla bean flavor and intoxicating aroma.