Sendik’s Fresh2GO Brand Products

Sendik’s Fresh2GO products are just what the name says: fresh, homemade products that are made and packaged for those on the go. These are not products that are limited to one department — they’re really about a lifestyle. And we all know that lifestyle for many of us is short on one thing: time. But that’s no reason to sacrifice quality. You’ll find these delicious Fresh2GO products in both our Sendik’s Fresh2GO and Sendik’s Food Market stores. Enjoy!

More about Sendik’s Fresh2GO products:

One of our earliest Fresh2GO products was our signature sandwiches. Don’t tell the other products, but these sandwiches are still our favorite. The Gobbler is made with Sendik’s Artisan Italian Bread, Sendik’s Roast Turkey Breast and our Applewood Smoked Bacon, complimented with a cranberry mustard. See why they are the favorite? Choose from five other varieties, including the famed Balistreri Bomber.

Looking for a healthy snack? We’ve done the work for you. Grab some hand-sliced carrots or celery, conveniently packaged in a Fresh2GO cup. We’ve even included the dip. Or choose from a variety of cut fruits, including strawberries, watermelon and grapes.

Sendik’s grilled-to-order Fresh2GO paninis are ready in just three minutes. If you’re in a hurry, we’ve got you covered. Fresh2GO paninis are available at our Grafton, Germantown, Hartland, West Milwaukee and Bayside locations.

Sendik's Paninis

Can’t decide what to cook for dinner tonight? Pick up one of our fully cooked Fresh2GO Family Meals that are ready to be heated up for a family of four. You can choose from six different varieties: BBQ Pulled Pork, Chicken Enchiladas, Fried Chicken, Lasagna, Meatloaf and Sloppy Joe (based on availability per store)! Click on the links below to download the heating instructions for each meal (links open in a new window):

BBQ Pulled Pork (Opens in new window) (includes 1.5 lbs of BBQ Pulled Pork, 6 Kaiser Rolls, 1.5 lbs of Mashed Potatoes, and Corn to serve four)

bbq pulled pork
Chicken Enchiladas (Opens in new window) (includes 3.2 lbs of Chicken Enchiladas, 1 lb of Spanish Rice, and 1 lb of Refried beans, to serve four)

Fried Chicken (Opens in new window) (includes 2.3 lbs of Fried Chicken, 4 Hawaiian Dinner Rolls, 1.5 lbs of Mashed Potatoes, 1 lb Turkey Gravy, and Cole Slaw to serve four)

fried chicken
Lasagna (Opens in new window) (includes 2.5 lbs of Lasagna, 1 lb of Green Beans & Mushrooms, and Garlic Bread to serve four                            

Meatloaf (Opens in new window) (includes 1.5 lbs of Meatloaf, 6 Dinner Rolls, 1.5 lbs of Mashed Potatoes, 1 lb of Beef Gravy, and 1 lb of Green Beans & Mushrooms, to serve four)

Sloppy Joe (Opens in new window) (includes 2.5 lbs of Sloppy Joe, 6 Kaiser Rolls, 1 lb of Cowboy Beans, and Cole Slaw to serve four)                  

sloppy joe