Carfagnas Sauce, Vodka 32 Oz

Creamy, cheesy, tomatoey. 100% natural. 0% trans fat. Gluten free. Famous Italian market pasta sauces. Local product. After immigrating from his native Abruzzo-Molise, Italy working his way across the country, and saving enough to bring his wife Maria, and children to join him, our Partiarch, Nonno Saturnino (Sam) Carfagna, founded the first Carfagna's Market in Columbus, OH in 1937. Of the many recipes his wife, Nonna Maria Carfagna brought with her from the old country, her Homemade Pasta Sauce is by far the Family favorite. Bottled from our hearts and brought to your kitchen, you can now taste for yourself what countless generations of Carfagna's have been raised on. Whether cooking Sunday dinner for the entire family, putting together a quick meal for your kids, or making a late night snack in your dorm room, our sauce will always satisfy. Online Ordering: