Red Bag Rewards

Sendik's Red Bag Rewards

Turn in your points to redeem rewards, or keep earning to unlock additional items.
Reward items available while supplies last.

250 Points

Daisy Sour Cream

Daisy Sour Cream Squeeze Bottle

14 oz

99¢ with 250 Points

Old Orchard

Old Orchard Juices, Regular or Healthy Balance

64 oz (excluding 100% blends)

99¢ with 250 Points

500 Points

Honey Bunches

Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal

13.5-14.5 oz
99¢ with 500 Points


Spindrift Sparkling Water

8 ct
$3.99 with 500 Points

Eggland’s Best

Eggland’s Best Grade A Large Eggs

12 ct
99¢ with 500 Points

Perfect Pasta

Perfect Pasta

12 oz
$1.99 with 500 Points

Nature Valley

Nature Valley Granola Bars

6 ct (excluding protein)
99¢ with 500 Points

Gold Medal Flour

Gold Medal Flour, Bleached or All Purpose

5 lb
FREE with 500 Points

750 Points

Jackson’s Chips

Jackson’s Chips
5 oz
FREE with 750 Points

Post Great Grains

Post Great Grains Cereal

14-16.5 oz
99¢ with 750 Points

Cedar Crest

Cedar Crest Pints, Custard or Ice Cream
16 oz
99¢ with 750 points

Door County

Door County Coffee, Full Pots
1.5 oz
5/$2.50 with 750 points


Dawn Dish Soap
19.4 oz
FREE with 750 points

1000- Feeding America

Feed a Family Donation
Provides 2 Essential Pantry Items
750 points

1,000 Points


Sendik’s Pickles

32 oz varieties $1.99 with 1,000 Points

Tidy Cat Litter

Tidy Cat Litter

$4.99 with 1,000 Points

Pet Food

Purina Beneful Dog Food (3.5lb); Purina Cat Chow (3.15lb)

$2.49 with 1,000 Points

Rotisserie Chicken

Sendik’s Amish Rotisserie Chicken
$4.00 with 1,000 Points

1000- Feeding America

Feed a Family Bag Donation
Provides up to 3 meals
1,000 points

1,500 Points

Nicolet Water

Nicolet 5 Gallon Water
bottle deposit not included, 5 gallon
$3 with 1,500 Points


Sendik’s Beer Battered Cod Homemade Fish Fry

2 Piece Meal, Each, Fridays Only
$4.99 with 1,500 Points

Sendik’s Flatbread

Sendik’s Flatbread Pizza, Four Cheese & Margherita
11-13 oz
$1.99 with 1,500 Points

2,000 Points

Sendik's Cod Fish Fry

Sendik’s Beer Battered Cod Homemade Fish Fry

3 Piece Meal, Each, Fridays Only
$5.99 with 2,000 Points


Sartori Cheddar (7 oz) and Old Wisconsin Summer Sausage (20 oz)

$9.99 with 2,000 Points

Fresh2GO Family Meal Chicken Enchilada

Sendik’s Family Meals

Serves Four
$11.99 with 2,000 Points

2000- Feeding America

Feed a Family Bag Donation

Provides up to 6 meals
2,000 Points

To redeem your earned Red Bag Rewards points online for these items, click the Redeem Points button at the Review stage at Checkout and select your Rewards.

For more information, visit our Red Bag Rewards FAQs page.