Dove Vanilla Ice Cream With Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

Step into a moment of decadence and treat yourself to an experience like no other with our premium DOVE Vanilla Ice Cream Coated Dark Chocolate Bars. Unwind after a long day with the taste of creamy vanilla ice cream hand-dipped in thick and smooth DOVE dark chocolate. No special occasion is necessary to enjoy this decadent ice cream treat! With three DOVE Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Bars in each box, this delicious simple frozen treat is perfect for sharing with your besties or stocking the freezer for those moments of self-indulgence. From reading a book to listening to music to scrolling the web, our premium ice cream bars will elevate your relaxation time! Experience even more delicious DOVE Chocolate self-care moments, by trying our DOVE Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sorbet Bars and our DOVE Ice Cream Minis. Add DOVE Vanilla Ice Cream Coated Dark Chocolate Bars to your cart today for a luxurious tomorrow!