On the Rocks Cosmopolitan

Taste the modern twist on a classic with On The Rocks, OTR Cosmopolitan Ready to Drink Cocktail. On The Rocks carefully crafts cocktails that make the moment. On the sofa, by the pool, at a festival, this Cosmo is ready to pour over ice and enjoy. Developed by mixologists, On The Rocks cocktails bring the bar to you with premium spirits and pure creativity. This iconic recipe is Cosmopolitan by name and nature, combining the refreshingly tart hint of cranberry, lemon and lime flavor, with the orange sweetness of Triple Sec. All cut through with crystal-clear EFFEN Vodka. Just pour over ice for effortless enjoyment, whether you’re flying back home or finishing the 9-to-5. Garnish with a lemon peel to elevate the evening. Each bottle contains 20% alcohol by volume and should be enjoyed responsibly. OTR delivers the bar wherever you are. Just open, pour over ice and enjoy.