Roman Meal® Sandwich Bread 24 Oz. Package

Natural whole grain goodness. Whole wheat kernel. Wheat bran, endosperm, wheat germ. Did you know? Ordinary wheat flour comes from only the largest part of the wheat kernel. Roman Meal bread includes wheat bran and wheat germ too, so you get all the nutrients from the whole grain. Whole wheat as the first ingredient tells you you're getting all components of the original wheat kernel. Not every bread can make this claim. Combined with our great taste - well, that's eating smart. Our package may be new but it's filled with the legendary taste and nutrition you've come to expect from Roman Meal. Still calcium rich. There is more calcium in every loaf of Roman Meal bread than in 2 quarts of milk - at least 30% of your daily calcium in just two slices. Filled with natural whole grain goodness. Roman Meal understands the value of whole grains. Whole grains are the foundation for healthy eating. Roman Meal bread is baked with whole wheat as our first ingredient. Not all breads are. We give you the entire whole wheat kernel where all the nutrients are stored. And, as a multigrain bread, we also add all the benefits of whole rye, flaxseed, wheat germ, and malted barley. That sweet nutty taste. Generations have grown up enjoying the sweet nutty taste and texture of Roman Meal bread. Each bite brings images of honey and yummy grains. All baked to perfection. Great taste. Great nutrition. That's a lot of goodness packed into one great bread.