Serenity Kids Puff Broccoli Spinach, Gluten Free

No sugary fruits. New Recipe: New improved texture to dissolve more easily. Why Cassava & Bone Broth? Cassava is a mineral-rich root vegetable packed with vitamins and prebiotics that promote gut health. Bone broth contains easily digestible protein and nutrients that are essential to a toddler's growing body. Serenity Kids Because Every Bite Counts: Hi, I'm Serenity! My husband and I started Serenity Kids for our baby Della. We dramatically improved our health through a diet of ethical meats and vegetables. We are on a mission to improve children's diets by offering nutrient dense foods that taste great and are convenient for parents. We focus on using whole food ingredients grown on family farms that practice regenerative agriculture, for our baby and for yours. - Serenity, Joe & Della. No industrial seed oils. No artificial colors. When is Baby Ready for Puffs? When they can: Sit independently. Use pincer grasp to self-feed. Crawl with their stomach off the ground. Use their jaws to mash food between gums. Remove label. Recycle canister.