Ak-Mak Low Fat Sesame Crackers

Ak-Mak® Sesame Cracker. Made with organically grown whole wheat flour. Low fat. No cholesterol. Net Wt 4.15 oz (118g). For a snack or with a meal. From the vicinity of Mt. Ararat... the cradle of civilization and the ancient land made famous by Noah's Ark...ak-mak Bakeries brings you the Original Armenian Cracker Bread - ak-mak®- the Cracker Bread with a 3,000 year history. As a health conscious consumer, your health and that of your family and friends is surely of great importance to you. Undoubtedly you know that wheat is a good source of protein. You may be wondering if ak-mak® crackers, which include certified organic whole wheat flour as their main ingredient, are nutritious Do ak-mak® crackers have any nutritional value for you and your family Consider the following then you and your family can decide. Rice is, and has been for many centuries, the staple food of the people in the Far East. Corn and beans have been the staple food of the South Americans. Wheat, on the other hand, has been the staple food of the Armenians, Greeks, Romans, and Holy Land people for thousands of years. In Biblical times, it was considered an important part of the diet: Genesis 18:6; 42:1,2 show that the ancient peoples considered cereal grains to be vital to their way of life and living. In modern times, we have come full circle. USDA's MyPlate program has determined that cereal grains are part of a healthy diet. The MyPlate program, essentially acknowledges the intelligence of the ancient people. Throughout the decades, we have been committed to making the best whole wheat sesame cracker possible. We begin with certified organic high-quality wheat, whole of the wheat, that is ground into flour; this flour, and only this flour, is used in manufacturing our excellent whole wheat sesame crackers. Our commitment to high-quality crops and on our 'old-style' recipe can be seen on our short, clean, non-GMO ingredient list. Our family has been carrying on that long Armenian baking tradition in the United States since 1893. That was when our great Uncle Jacob opened his Armenian bakery in Lowell, Massachusetts. You can check out our website, for more on our history and other products. Certified organically grown whole wheat is at the heart of every batch of dough our artisans mix and the soul of every cracker we bake. But beyond the wheat, every box contains over a century's love, care, and hard work. We're glad to have you become part of the tradition. Since 1893... four generations of the Soojian family baking in the U.S.A. Positively No Preservatives, Bleaches or Bromates in ak-mak® Crackers. Certified Organic by International Certification Services, Inc. Ph: 559-875-5511. Visit us at www.akmakbakeries.com. ©2017 Ak-Mak Bakeries.