Bogle Vineyards Rose, California 750 Ml

Saignée - From the French, means literally "to bleed" and has been used as a traditional method of winemaking for centuries. Red grapes are crushed, then lightly colored juice is "bled" off after just a moment of skin contact. This classic winemaking process has yielded Bogle's crisp and refreshing Rosé. As a faint blush colors the glass, this Rosé is anything but bashful! Fragrant, floral notes bloom unrestrained on the nose, while entry leads to a plush, yet tart mouthfeel, laden with more summer strawberries and the juiciest ruby red grapefruits. Vibrant and vivacious throughout, this is a wine to enjoy all year round. Enjoy our Rosé with any light fare or by itself at the pool, patio or kitchen table.