Dannon Light + Fit Peach Original Nonfat Yogurt, 0 Fat and 70 Calories, Creamy and Delicious Peach Yogurt, 5.3 OZ Cup

Looking for a delicious fat free yogurt with creamy peach flavor? Give your taste buds a reason to rejoice with a Dannon Light + Fit Peach Original Nonfat Yogurt Cup. Every bite of this peach flavored yogurt makes it easy to love fat free snacks with this delicious light yogurt brand.* At Light + Fit, we serve balanced packed full of delightfully creamy yogurt so you can be your best self. Our fat free yogurt comes in a cup so you can enjoy a serving anytime as a snack at work or as a late-night snack. With 70 calories and 5g of protein per serving, it’s a delicious, convenient option. Enjoy it as a simple snack or add a cup to your breakfast parfaits and yogurt smoothies. Or, use some in your favorite recipes as a flavorful substitute for baking ingredients. Add some joy to your day, every day, with Light + Fit Peach Original Nonfat Yogurt. *At least 50% less fat than average flavored non-Greek yogurt; Light + Fit: 50-60 calories, 0g fat; Average flavored non-Greek yogurt: 100 calories, 2g fat per 4 oz.