Death Wish Coffee Co Coffee, Dark Roast, Chocolate & Cherry, Single Serve Pods 10 Ea

Fiercely Strong Coffee. Rebellious by nature, our coffee delivers a bold, full-bodied yet smooth and flavorful brew that will awaken your taste buds, with an extra kick of caffeine to ignite your attitude. Not a morning person? Not a problem. Roasted to bold, never-bitter perfection, our OG blend of coffee may be the only morning friend you'll ever need, if you're lucky. With subtle undertones of chocolate and cherry. Single Serve pods: For use with Keurig 1&2 Breville, Cuisinart, and Mr. Coffee machines. Compatible with most Keurig K-cup brewing systems including 2.0. (Compatible for use with most K-Cup brewers). Organic by nature No chemicals and nothing artificial added. Rigorous standards are followed to give you a coffee you can trust. Fair Trade certified. Recyclable capsule. Cool. Peel. Recycle. RevCup Technology: Recyclable capsule. Sustainable Capsules in 3 Easy Steps: 1. Cool. 2. Peel. 3. Recycle. Allow at least 2 minutes to cool capsule. Carefully peel foil lid off and remove filter with coffee grounds. Compost grounds and filter or discard. Recycle aluminum lid and plastic capsule wherever these recyclables are accepted. Not recycled in all communities. Reap what you sow When you buy Fair Trade Certified coffee, you support fair wages for farmers, safe and sustainable farming practices and community development funds in coffee-growing regions. Fair Trade certified by fair trade USA.