Halo Top Ice Cream, Light, Birthday Cake 1 Pt

Halo Top Birthday Cake Light Ice Cream lets you have your birthday cake and eat it too, without slowing down on your path to wellness. This Halo Top light ice cream pint combines birthday cake deliciousness with the nostalgic twist of rainbow sprinkles for a sweet treat that you can enjoy without having to sing Happy Birthday. Ultrafiltered skim milk and other high-quality ingredients come together to create a creamy, light ice cream that actually tastes like ice cream. While you prioritize your wellness, love yourself more with this protein-packed light ice cream that contains 52% fewer calories and 81% less fat per serving compared to leading ice creams. Perfect for more than just birthday celebrations, this Kosher, gluten free birthday cake light ice cream is a great choice for at-home date nights or relaxing self care evenings. You can also use birthday cake flavor light ice cream to make frozen ice cream treats, like ice cream sandwiches or ice cream sundaes, for a sweet pick-me-up after a long day. Halo Top light ice cream comes in an easy to store, resealable package, so you can keep it until you’re ready to enjoy a classic frozen treat with a modern twist.