Hangar One Vodka, Hand Made, Buddha's Hand Citron 750 Ml

Buddha's Hand citrons are weird and delicious, which is why we wanted to use them for this unique flavor. Hangar 1 is made one batch at a time in tiny hand-operated pot stills using rigorous and time intensive craft methods. www.hangarone.com. Graded. For more info including delicious recipes: Hangarone.com. Please sip responsibly. Cheers! Distilled in Our Hangar: We started Hangar One in an old aircraft hangar across the bay from San Francisco. This gave us the space to create the kind of innovative distillery we needed to make the spirits we dreamt of. It allows us to bring fruit straight from the farms right into our stills, and capture the essence of the whole tree in each bottle. Flavors: We invite you to taste the whole range of Hangar One Vodkas. The fruit we use is fresh and sourced from farmers we trust - so that nothing is lost as fruit travels from farm to glass. 40% alc/vol. Our vodkas are produced & bottled at the Hangar One distillery - Alameda, CA. Produced and bottled by Hangar One, Alameda, CA. Product of USA.