Jardines Salsa, Campfire Roasted 16 Oz

Batch No 071. Soulful salsa from south or Austin. Small-batch made. Medium. Here at Jardines, much of our South-of-Austin Soul comes straight from the spirit of Buda, a wise old chuck wagon cook with a Trail Rider's Heart and a Chef's palate. Because of him, we've been creating Funky-Fresh Flavors rooted in the heritage of South Texas for years. One thing you should know about the Spirit of Buda: he grows bored easily. His foray into fire-roasting came about because he knew that stewed veggies had run their course. What he didn't know is that fire-roasting tomatoes, peppers and onions adds a rich, smoky flavor to his veggies naturally crisp, acidic profiles. The result was our campfire roasted salsa, the most iconic flavor in our collection. www.jardinefoods.com. Product of USA.