Jennie O Turkey, 93%/7%, Ground, Fresh 16 Oz

JENNIE-O Lean Ground Turkey — Raised Without Antibiotics is simple turkey meat with no antibiotics used ever. Just food. At 93% lean meat, this cut will shape up any recipe that calls for ground beef into a nutritious meal without sacrificing flavor, quality, or variety. Trust us, we've been in the turkey business for over 70 years. Our Lean Ground Turkey comes gluten free with no additives or preservatives; just turkey and rosemary extract. It's tasty, we promise. Jennie-O makes it easy to eat well. MAKE THE SWITCH. JENNIE-O is a trademark of Jennie-O Turkey Store, LLC. 93% lean; 7% fat 21 grams of protein; 170 calories per serving All natural; minimally processed; no artificial ingredients Gluten free Vegetarian-fed turkey