Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila Gold, 750 Ml

Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila Gold. Imported. Bold. Made with blue agave. 40% Alc/vol. 750 ml. Fabrica la Rojena, Tequila. A family company for ten generations. Beginning in Tequila, Mexico. Over 200 years ago Jose Antonio de Cuervo acquired a parcel of land in Tequila, Mexico in order to cultivate and harvest the Blue Agave plant. With its rich, volcanic soil, abundant pure spring water and temperate climate, the family built a distillery for transforming their highest quality Blue Agave into a fine spirit. Today, La Rojena, the family's distillery, sits on that same land as the oldest active distillery in Latin America. Jose Cuervo Gold is a signature blend of Reposado and younger tequilas created to make the perfect margarita or enjoyed as a shot. Jose Cuervo is the world's most popular brand of tequila. Imported & bottled by Proximo, Lawrenceburg, IN - under license from the trademark owner. Please recycle.