King Arthur Baking Company White Whole Wheat Flour, Stone Ground 5 Lb

Estd 1790. 100% employee-owned. Stone-ground. Wheat type: 100% U.S. hard white wheat grown on American farms. Protein content: 12.2% - For whole grain baking with a lighter, milder taste. 12.2% gluten-forming protein content (Why gluten-forming protein matters in flour: The amount of gluten-forming protein in flour determines the final structure of your baked goods. Higher protein flour creates more gluten, for a chewier structure, while lower protein flour creates less, for a delicate, finer crumb.). Raise your flour IQ. Baking with White Whole Wheat: Think differently about whole grains. Milled from hard white spring wheat than traditional red wheat a lighter-colored grain - our White Whole Wheat Flour yields baked goods that are light in color, mild-flavored, and as wholesome as ever. Quality & Consistency: Delicious results, every time! We test bake (yum!) our flour to ensure it meets our strict standards - the strictest in the industry. Never Bleached, Never Bromated: Our flours contain no bleach, no bromate, and no artificial preservatives of any kind. Say no to raw dough: Flour is a raw Ingredient. Bake fully before enjoying. Better flour right from the start. We work directly with the Farmer Direct co-op, so we can trace this flour from seed to bag. Together, we partner to promote sustainable farming practices. Sustainable Farming: Our farmers use low or no-till and dry-land farming practices to reduce their environmental impact. Traceability Our white whole wheat flour is grown using certified seeds, allowing us to trace and track every step of the supply chain. Farmer Owned Co-op: Working directly with a farmer-owned co-op improves profits of farmers, helping support them so they can continue to farm land their families have settled. Please recycle. 100% American Grown: We support American farmers who produce the best, highest-quality wheat. All of our wheat flour is grown and milled in the United States.