Mrs. Olson's Potato Lefse, Norwegian Style 10 Ea

Spread with butter and make roll-up sandwiches. Traditional fillings: sugar - meats - cheeses - sausage. Excellent for Hors d’oeuvres - serve cold or warm. Mrs. Olson’s Scandinavian Potato Lefse. What is lefse? Lefse (lef-Suh) is a Norwegian potato bread delicacy. Lefse dough is rolled thin and baked on a hot, dry griddle. Mrs. Olson’s Lefse has a rich flavor and soft texture. Serving Ideas: Scandinavians have traditionally enjoyed lefse spread with butter satisfy your sweet tooth by sprinkling on a little sugar or cinnamon sugar. Mrs. Olson’s Lefse dogs roll up lefse with hot dog, brat or polish sausage. Wraps and rollups. Spread your lefse with cream cheese and add your favorite cheese and cold cut. Add a pickle slice, chopped olives or spinach. Other delicious toppings for lefse. Seafood salad, smoked salmon, peanut butter, ham salad get creative. Lefse is very supple and doesn't crush like other bread, making it perfect for wraps, roll-up sandwiches and on-the-go snacking. Pack of 10 sheets. Please recycle. Made in Minnesota.