Six Gun Chili Mixins

No gluten ingredients. Cowboy comfort food. Oi hired hand. I started selling my vittles back in 48 in San Angelo, Texas, as close to the heart of chili country as any human wants to get. Way back, people believed chili could rid warts, grow hair, and generally increase stamina. But I guess knowin' chili just comes down to what Will Rogers said: A bowl of chili is a bowl of blessedness. I think you'll agree with will agree you try my chili. Oi Hired Hand. These chili mixin's contain ground masa flour, ground chili pepper, yellow corn meal, salt, cumin, cayenne pepper, garlic powder and real oregano. Important Notice: As a connoisseur of the Chill Pod, join up with the 0l! Hired Hand as a member of the Far West Trail Cooks Association. As an official member, you'll receive your personalized, hand-lettered membership certificate, over $3 in cents-off coupons, plus some better-than-average trail recipes. Send $3 registration fee to: Far West Trail Cooks Assn. 2121 Tucker Industrial Rd. Tucker, GA 30084. California State Exposition and Fair since 1854 Gold medal winner.